the spending hiatus : week 6 update

I forget how many days they say it takes to make something a habit (or get out of a habit).  It is 21?  That seams to stick in my mind.  Here we are 42 days into it and I can honestly say I think each week it gets a bit easier.  A wrench could have been thrown into the whole mix last week though.  I had (have) fallen into that winter blues melancholy, missing my husband because he's working 70 hours a week melancholy, wondering what is going to happen to all of us at work melancholy.  Bleh.  And that's when I like to shop.  But I didn't.  I hibernated.  Which is why you didn't hear from me much last week.  I am not completely out of it, but it is sunny today and I plan to take a walk during lunch.

I went to Target on Saturday and I went with a list.

  • baby gift for a friend who is due this week,
  • two toilet seats (seriously.),
  • makeup – I am trying out drugstore foundation instead of Bare Escentuals to save money
  • an over-the-door shoe organizer – I have whittled my shoe collection down to a manageable amount but our closets still suck and my shoes are found scattered about the bedroom.
  • some other toiletries
  • cereal and milk

I stuck to the list except for the Orla Kiely brown pear mug that I bought to keep at the office. ;)  I spent the rest of my Saturday doing a year's worth of filing in the boy's office (instead of shopping).  Not fun.  But it feels great to have it done and have everything organized in one place.

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