the happy kitchen :: my two new favorite kitchen tools

Ever since I first laid eyes on Nigella Bites when it was on the Style Channel, I was smitten with Nigella Lawson.  I love her style in general and her style in the kitchen and approach to cooking.  I had just gotten married and discovered domestic life (when not at work) and wanted to be like her in my kitchen.  No stress.  Just love for food and cooking and eating with friends and family.

I have all of her cookbooks and use them frequently.

So when I first heard about the Living Kitchen, I waited anxiously for the collection to make its way to the US.  Her products have been out for awhile, but I have just recently purchased two items and love them both.

The set of measuring spoons which are a bit narrower than typical, I find perfect for fitting in mouths of spice jars where my two other sets of spoons do not.  The largest spoon is about 8" long.  The whisk is also 8" long.  I have the whisk with the blue handle (her signature color) and use it for everything from stirring up my morning soy protein shake to whisking marinades for our steak dinner.  Great for small everyday jobs and easy to clean.

I’m keeping my eye out for the blue mixing bowls.  I find that ChefTools has the best selection of all her products and $5.95 shipping.

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