the perfect T-shirt?

I probably won’t post a whole lot about fashion in this blog.  I follow fashion trends from a distance and tend to stick with more classic pieces, probably due to budget issues, so I am not constantly buying new stuff.  But I just feel compelled to write about my shopping experience yesterday.

On45942912p01v01I was looking for new T-shirts for spring and summer (since it was 75 degrees outside) and made it through the mall in less than an hour and came out with nothing because of any number of reasons: bad fit, scratchy material, bad color, bad price.  So I went to Old Navy in Main Street at Exton.  And I think I may have found the perfect T-shirt.  They were 2 for $20 so I bought four: black, white, orange (like poppies) and petal pink.  They are not heavy weight cotton, so a good T-shirt undergarment is recommended.  They seem to be a great weight for summer and layering.  And when they say ‘Perfect Fit’ they actually meant it.  The cotton is not only soft but also forgiving enough to fit many body types, I think. (photo at left from

I also picked up two long rib knit tanks (black and pink).  Also great.

When I think of ‘Old Navy’, quality and longevity don’t always come to mind.  But I actually still have tanks that I bought a few years ago and they still look great.  I would rather spend my money on other things than a $35 T-shirt (you know who you are, retail store!).

Thanks to Trinny and Susannah from the original BBC What Not to Wear who told me that for my body type I should wear v-necks instead of crew necks.

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