the proper home tools

As I hacked away at the stubborn block of ice that had formed between my tire and wheel well on my car this morning, I got to thinking…if I was a guy, I would have had the proper tools to deal with this situation, like a hack saw or a machete.  All I had was a cup of hot water from Wawa and my plastic ice scraper. It’s mornings like this that I wish I was more prepared with all the right contraptions.

There are proper tools for home dwelling as well – the essential set of basic tools that no house, condo or apartment dweller should be without.

  • hammer
  • screwdriver – preferably one with interchangeable heads (flat and philips)
  • needle nose pliers
  • slip joint pliers
  • lock jaw pliers
  • cutting pliers
  • electrical wire stripping pliers (if you are feeling daring)
  • set of hex wrenches (you know the little wrenches that you get with Ikea furniture)
  • level (I like the laser levels which are great for hanging pictures)
  • measuring tape (get at least a 25′ even if you don’t have a room that big – the longer tapes are heavier and easier to work with by yourself)
  • putty knife
  • container of spackle or joint compound
  • small saw (probably one for wood and a hack saw for metal)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • heavy duty scissors
  • staple gun and staples
  • utility knife
  • wrench
  • sand paper (few different grades of coarseness)
  • pocket tool, like a swiss army knife
  • electric drill or cordless drill
  • nails, screws, picture hooks, etc… in various sizes.

If the overwhelming selection of hammers and pliers makes you want to
run from the hardware store screaming, you can buy tool kits that
include some of the items in the list above, but probably not all of
them.  The barbara K! 30 Piece Do It Yourself Tool Kit or Bucket of Tools Tool Kit (shown right) are both available at Target and Home Depot.  The barbara K! line of tools is geared towards women.  My husband wouldn’t be caught dead slinging around a shiny blue bag.  It’s cute though.  Machete not included.

Other storage options, from left to right:

Custom LeatherCraft 61-Pocket Bucket Pocket (fits over a 5-gallon plastic bucket), Husky Pro Tool bag (even fits a water bottle for when you are parched from hanging pictures), Stanley 19 inch Tool Box or the Husky Pro Black 5 Drawer Chest with Lock (perfect if you have a kleptomaniac significant other or roommate), all available at the Home Depot.


Some of the tools you may not know what to do with initially, but once you start a DIY project, you’ll be amazed at how handy they become.

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