there’s a time to save and store


So you’ve sorted and purged to your heart’s (and your home’s) content.  But there’s still a pile, ok really there’s 5 boxes of various items of a sentimental nature that you cannot nor will not part with during your lifetime.  What do you do with it?  I’m a big fan of sorting and purging, but I am a sentimental girl as well.  I have albums and boxes of photos and keepsakes, a whole wedding outfit, quilts, flatware and more.  I think keeping select items from your or your family’s past is important for remembering where and who you come from.  But finding the space and the most preserving way to store those things can sometimes be a challenge. 

Fortunately the archiving world has been opened up to me thanks to great companies like Kolo and Light Impressions.  They are my ‘go-to’ online stores for ideas and products on keeping my irreplaceables safe.  According to Kolo, archiving means "that the materials (e.g. paper) will resist decomposing, disintegrating, discoloring or reacting to other materials over time.  In other words, an archival material won’t harm your treasured photographs or memorabilia.  Specifically, an archival product must be "acid free" (a pH higher than 7.0), "lignin free," and proven to be stable over time."

Not only should you sort and purge your closet, but that also applies to your photos.  Anything that is unfocused,  a photo of someones hand in front of the lens or just plain bad can sometimes go, unless you consider it great art.  Light Impressions has 3-ring Albums with cases or without, 3-ring boxes (my personal favorite), scrapbook albums, multi-ring, post bound and flex hinge albums.  There’s more.  You just have to check it out and find what system works for you and the types and amount of photos you have.  And polypropylene pages (safe for photos) to fit all sizes.  I like the 3-ring albums because they seem to be easier to work with. (photos below from Light Impressions)

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Quilts, Wedding Dresses and other fabric heirlooms

Get the Heirloom Storage Box Kit.  It includes wrapping tissue, reusable dessicant canister, durable storage box, and polyethylene bags to protect your heirloom from acids, moisture and bugs.

There are also items for storing slides and negatives (remember them?).

I think Kolo makes some of the classiest lines of photo albums, boxes and books.  We used the Newport album in Platinum and 12 x 12" for our wedding album.  Kolo makes it easy to store and showcase all your photos. (photos at top from Kolo)

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