thirsty : Pokal tumblers

We have a these glasses and as they have broken I haven't been replacing them.  They have these giant 'dimples' on the bottom that collect a ridiculous amount of water in the dishwasher and I have been on the hunt for new tumblers (w/o dimples).  I love these from Ikea and how much more affordable can you get than $1.99?  I sense an Ikea outing in my future so that I can inspect the dimples.


ps.  I guess when we registered for our wedding we requested a set of each size glass: juice glass, cooler glass and double old-fashioned.  We rarely use the juice glasses and could live without the DOF's since we have a set of crystal DOF's.  I think the Pokal tumblers would serve all of our needs and we'd only need to store ONE SET of everyday glasses instead of THREE.

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