This truly has been a weekend of remembering.  Saturday we attended the funeral of my larger-than-life uncle (an army vet too).  The lives of my aunt, my five cousins and their many children will never be the same.  We didn’t see him that often so I am glad that we got to spend an entire day with him this past spring riding around the Bohemia River.  At the cemetery we also visited a good friend that we lost a couple of years ago.  Lots of remembering there too.

In between doing things around the house and around town, we have been watching movies like We Were Soldiers and Saving Private Ryan.  Neither are on my list of favorite movies and I find both difficult to watch at times, but I feel a sense of responsibility to do so when I have the chance.

On a slightly lighter note, our new-to-us house is slowly starting to feel more like home.  I want to paint every room, but decided to start hanging pictures and art anyway.  It really helps to have those familiar things around.


I have started to forget not think about our ‘old’ house as much and have mixed feelings about that.  It was our first home together so I will never forget that aspect of it and the newlywed years we spent there.  But home is in a new house, so I put away the old familiar spaces and compose the new ones.  I file away the old memories, taking them out once in awhile like precious photos and make new ones here.


I think Fiona likes her new home.

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