a find while grocery shopping

I usually procrastinate about doing grocery shopping.  I shouldn’t though, since we are lucky enough to have a shopping extravaganza only 2 minutes (actually walking distance)  down the road from us: Wegmans.  Most of our neighbors hike across town to the Giant to save money.  I personally think that for your basic grocery staples, Wegmans is no more than Giant.  The trick is to ignore all the new and wonderful items from food, to dishes to magazines that you can discover while there.  If you are looking for a grocery item and you can’t find it at Wegmans, no one makes it.  Remember that.

I was buying our standard decaf Asian green tea and happened to look up at the top shelf at some of the most amazing tea vessels I have seen.

Teaposy, just like Wegmans, is a Rochester, NY based company that is all about the art + craft of healthy and natural tea.  It is not only healthy, but also beautiful.  Each vacuum-sealed blooming tea looks like a pod or acorn, but when you put it in hot water it turns into a flower.  There are nine types of tea, each one blooms into something unique.
I am smitten with the glassware.  Each piece is made of crystal clear glass (so you can see the blooming tea!)  in simple shapes.
They’re beautiful, practical and healthful with maybe a little bit of luxury mixed in.  Sure, happy living is not about the stuff you have or buy.  But getting together for tea with friends or family is something that many cultures have been doing for centuries.  The Japanese even have a ceremony dedicated to the sharing of tea.  If an inanimate object encourages us to stop and spend some time with ourselves, friends or family and share a cup of tea, I think it could be worth it.

PS:  You can do a search of retailers that carry teaposy products across the US.  In Philly and New York you can find teaposy at Bloomingdales and Wegmans*hl*

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