what’s goin’ on…

I did my American duty and watched the President’s (last) State of the Union Address but I have to admit I am more excited to catch the rest of The Italian Job.

I got a nice email from Emily from the Curly Top blog.  Check out her cute graphics and recipes for making your own flavored cream cheese.  Yum.


I’ve decided that our house will be painted in shades of Mud Australia porcelain.



Although I still think this gray bedroom is gorgeous.  By flickr member the 10 cent designer.


We changed quite a few of our light bulbs around the house to compact fluorescents.  For us, it’s that whole idea of doing just one thing.

I got Simple Sewing out of local library.  I think I may have to buy it.  I can never find dishtowels that I like and there is pattern to sew your own with a little loop to hang them up.  I don’t know why I never thought of that before.  That’s why books are my friend.  I am lacking in inspiration for our kitchen. But I think this might help.  River/Passion Vine by Amy Butler.


We’ve been burning coal in our stove at home to reduce the amount of oil we use for our furnace. I have mixed feelings about the coal for a number of reasons but that’s for another discussion. It does make the air extremely dry which is great for my mold allergy but not so much for my skin. So I bought a humidifier.  I can’t wait to not want to scratch my skin off at night.  Aye.

From my window at work…


So lucky we were the week right after we got back from Utah we got a mini snow storm in town.  We had a slippery walk home but our street looks beautiful with a fresh coating of snow.

And inspired by Bethany’s post I will tell you I am counting the hours and sometimes minutes until I hear the boy’s keys in the lock in the back door when he arrives home from his business trip.  Our bed is too big for one person.

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